Sawed-Off | Irradiated Alert Shotgun Skins

Sawed-Off | Irradiated Alert (Factory New)
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Minimal Wear $ 7.27
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Type Shotgun
Weapon Sawed-Off
Skin Irradiated Alert
Rarity Consumer
Colors Orange

Sawed-Off | Irradiated Alert

Experience the raw power of the iconic Sawed-Off skins, which is known for delivering massive close-range damage. Though it comes with low accuracy, a broad spread, and a slow firing rate, when you hit your target, you’d better ensure they go down for good. This memorable skin is adorned with a spray-painted design that invokes the dangers of radiological hazards.

Intimidating Appearance

With the Sawed-Off | Irradiated Alert, you’ll send a clear message to your foes that you’re not to be trifled with. The skin’s captivating design features radiological warning hazard patterns that are certain to catch the attention of other players on the battlefield.

Unleash the Fury of the Sawed-Off

Dominate close-range battles with the brute force and striking appearance of the Sawed-Off | Irradiated Alert. This exceptional skin is the perfect addition to the arsenal of any Counter Strike player looking to make an impact in every single match.

Strategize with Your Sawed-Off | Irradiated Alert

While wielding the infamous Sawed-Off, strategy and positioning are crucial. Use the Irradiated Alert skin to intimidate your enemies and bring an air of danger to your in-game style. Remember to choose your battles wisely, as the Sawed-Off’s low accuracy and slow rate of fire call for tactical decisions in high-pressure situations.

Upgrade Your Collection

Expand your Counter Strike skin collection with the unique and eye-catching Sawed-Off | Irradiated Alert. Prepare to leave a lasting impression on your opponents with this unforgettable design, which serves as a powerful reminder of the perils that can be found on the battlefield. Add the Sawed-Off | Irradiated Alert to your inventory today and bask in the fearful respect it commands.

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