Operation Hydra Case CS2(CS:GO): What’s Inside

The operation hydra case was released on 23rd of May, 2017 alongside operation hydra update. Initially, the case was available only to the owners of the operation hydra battlepass, but a later update released the operation hydra case to the general public.

The case contains 17 weapon skins designed by the CS2(CS:GO) community. Additionally, you have a chance to get one of the 6 different gloves skins in the special rare slot in one of the 4 available finishes.

To open the operation hydra case, you need to be holding the operation hydra case key. You can buy it in the store or trade for it with other players. When you open the case, you have a chance to receive one of these select skins:

Special Rare Skins

  • Bloodhound gloves
  • Driver gloves
  • Hand wraps
  • Moto gloves
  • Specialist gloves
  • Sport gloves

Covert Skins

  • AWP Oni Taiji
  • Five-SeveN Hyper Beast

Classified Skins

  • Galil AR Sugar Rush
  • M4A4 Hellfire
  • Dual Berettas Cobra Strike

Restricted Skins

  • AK-47 Orbit MK01
  • P2000 Woodsman
  • SSG 08 Death’s Head
  • P90 Death Grip
  • P250 Red Rock

Mil-spec Skins

  • USP-S Blueprint
  • M4A1-S Briefing
  • Tec-9 Cut Out
  • MAG-7 Hard Water
  • MAC-10 Aloha
  • UMP-45 Metal Flowers
  • FAMAS Macabre
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