MP9 | Stained Glass Smg Skins

MP9 | Stained Glass (Factory New)
Factory New $ 140.98
Minimal Wear $ 136.08
Field-Tested $ 132.11
Well-Worn $ 129.46
Battle-Scarred $ 129.46

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Type SMG
Weapon MP9
Skin Stained Glass
Rarity Restricted
Colors Blue

Introducing the MP9 | Stained Glass Skin

Elevate your gaming experience with the beautifully designed MP9 | Stained Glass skin. Featuring an intricate and vibrant pattern, this skin is perfect for gamers who appreciate both aesthetics and performance in their arsenal. Inspired by the captivating art of stained glass, this stunning skin showcases a unique blend of blue and red, ensuring your weapon stands out in the battlefield.

Swiss Precision and Style

The MP9 | Stained Glass skin is exclusively made for the highly efficient MP9 skins SMG, a cutting-edge weapon produced in Switzerland. With a sleek design and ergonomic polymer construction, this submachine gun has quickly become the weapon of choice for private security firms all around the world. Combined with the artistic stained glass design, you’ll enjoy both outstanding looks and top-notch functionality.

Make a Lasting Impression

In the competitive world of Counter-Strike, it’s important to showcase your skills and style. With the MP9 | Stained Glass skin, your weapon will be a true reflection of your commitment to the game – and impeccable taste. But remember, with great beauty comes great responsibility. As the saying goes, “you break it, you buy it”.

Enhance your gaming experience and make a statement with the MP9 | Stained Glass skin. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this one-of-a-kind weapon design, exclusively available on

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