M4A4 | Zirka Assault Rifle Skins

M4A4 | Zirka (Factory New)
Factory New $ 50.30
Minimal Wear $ 35.31
Field-Tested $ 33.37
Well-Worn $ 31.72
Battle-Scarred Not Available

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Type Assault Rifle
Weapon M4A4
Skin Zirka
Rarity Restricted
Colors Orange, Yellow

M4A4 | Zirka - A Stellar Skin Design with Impeccable Quality

When it comes to the perfect balance between accuracy and power, the M4A4 assault rifle is the go-to choice for CTs in Counter Strike. Although slightly less damaging than the mighty AK-47, the M4A4 skins more than makes up for it with its precision in full-auto mode. One of the most eye-catching skins for this popular weapon is the M4A4 | Zirka, a memorable and beautifully crafted design inspired by Cache.

Star Motif - A Brilliant Display of Artistry

The M4A4 | Zirka not only enhances your gaming experience but also adds a touch of artistry with its stunning star motif. The intricate pattern captures the essence of the night sky, transforming your weapon into a true masterpiece that’s bound to turn heads on the battlefield.

Inspired by Imogen’s Ambition & Eye for Quality

One can easily see the influence of Imogen, the ambitious daughter of a renowned weaponsmith, in the design of the M4A4 | Zirka. She shares her father’s keen eye for quality, but her fierce ambition takes the design to new heights. With the M4A4 | Zirka in your arsenal, you’re not only wielding a powerful weapon but also carrying a piece of Imogen’s artistic legacy.

A Force to Be Reckoned With - The M4A4 | Zirka

Equipping your M4A4 with the Zirka skin will not only showcase your unique style but also prove your dedication to quality and excellence. Turn your full-auto assault rifle into a force to be reckoned with and let the stars guide your aim to victory with the M4A4 | Zirka skin at SkinsMonkey.com.

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