Galil AR | Akoben Assault Rifle Skins

Galil AR | Akoben (Factory New)
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Type Assault Rifle
Weapon Galil AR
Skin Akoben
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Red, Orange

Galil AR | Akoben: Affordable and Effective

Introducing the Galil AR | Akoben, a budget-friendly choice for terrorist-exclusive assault rifles. It not only meets your needs for medium and long-range combat, but also delivers a stunning visual with its unique design.

Combat-Ready Performance

These days, it’s essential to have a reliable weapon on your side, and the Galil AR | Akoben certainly fits the bill. Equipped to handle medium to long-range battles, this assault rifle makes a statement while getting the job done.

Intriguing and Eye-catching Design

A first look at the Galil AR | Akoben reveals its captivating combination of a rust-colored pattern spray-painted atop a white base, making it stand out from the crowd. Make your gameplay not only fierce but also fabulous with this extraordinary skin.

Embrace Your Battle Cry

With the Galil AR | Akoben, you can showcase your personal battle cry in style. Get ready to make a statement as you rise through the ranks and leave your opponents awestruck. This skin is not just about performance – it’s about making your mark on the battleground.

Discover the Galil AR skins | Akoben today, and elevate your Counter-Strike gameplay to a whole new level with its stellar combination of affordability, performance, and design.

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