G3SG1 | Keeping Tabs Sniper Rifle Skins

G3SG1 | Keeping Tabs (Factory New)
Factory New $ 1.33
Minimal Wear $ 0.80
Field-Tested $ 0.40
Well-Worn $ 0.39
Battle-Scarred $ 0.33

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Type Sniper Rifle
Weapon G3SG1
Skin Keeping Tabs
Rarity Milspec
Colors Black

G3SG1 | Keeping Tabs Skin Overview

Introducing the remarkable G3SG1 | Keeping Tabs, a Counter Strike skin designed for fans of precision and power. This exceptional skin offers a perfect balance of form and function, making it a must-have for any serious player.

Functionality and Performance

While the high-priced G3SG1 may slow down your movement speed, it more than makes up for it with an increased rate of fire compared to other sniper rifles. This unique attribute makes it a powerful and reliable choice when every shot counts.

Distinctive Custom Paint Job

The G3SG1 | Keeping Tabs is adorned with a striking custom paint job that draws inspiration from the tactical map display featured in the game’s Danger Zone mode. This finely detailed design truly sets it apart from other skins, capturing the essence of tactical gameplay.

Master the Battlefield with Keeping Tabs

As Phoenix Tactician Franz Kriegeld once said, “You have all the information you need.” With the G3SG1 | Keeping Tabs skin in your arsenal, you’ll not only have access to a powerful weapon but also a stylish conversation-starter among fellow players.

Upgrade your game today with the G3SG1 | Keeping Tabs skin and dominate the battlefield in style! Visit SkinsMonkey.com to acquire this must-have skin for your collection.

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