Desert Eagle | Blaze Pistol Skins

Desert Eagle | Blaze (Factory New)
Factory New $ 925.95
Minimal Wear $ 879.67
Field-Tested Not Available
Well-Worn Not Available
Battle-Scarred Not Available

Community Rating

5.00 Stars Rated by 1 users


Type Pistol
Weapon Desert Eagle
Skin Blaze
Rarity Restricted
Colors Red, Orange

Introducing the Desert Eagle | Blaze

The Desert Eagle | Blaze is a powerhouse addition to your CS:GO armory. Being both pricy and potent, this iconic pistol may require practice to wield effectively, but boasts impressive accuracy at long distances. Designed with precision and style in mind, the Desert Eagle | Blaze is set to fire up your game.

Expert Craftsmanship with a Chrome Base Coat

Adorned with transparent paints applied through airbrushing techniques, this Desert Eagle | Blaze reveals impeccable attention to detail. The sleek chrome base coat serves as a canvas for the transparent paints, creating a captivating and unique design that sets it apart from its counterparts.

Enhance Your Gameplay with Desert Eagle | Blaze

Perfect for those who appreciate the challenge of mastering its usage, the Desert Eagle | Blaze has the potential to dramatically enhance your in-game engagements. The combination of power, accuracy, and aesthetic appeal make this pistol an excellent tool for experienced gamers and collectors alike.

Get Ready to Blaze through Your Opponents

At, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality skins for your gaming pleasure. Whether you’re a dedicated collector or a passionate player, the Desert Eagle skin | Blaze is a must-have addition to your collection. Secure your piece today and let your foes feel the heat of the Blaze!

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