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SkinsMonkey allows you to trade all available skins from Dota 2, CS:GO and Rust in seconds!

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Our Dota 2 Trade Bot Has All the Skins You Need!
Trade Dota 2 Skins Instantly with Lowest Fees!

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The best website to trade ur csgo skins!

They are quick in delivering items and it is a very safe/trustworthy site.

by Flare
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I was leery, but it turned out to be trustworthy.

pretty good site support replies fast if you have any issues. you get your items instantly.

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Excellent, fast, and trustworthy. Traded my skins and received payment instantly.

by Josh
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What Are Dota 2 Items?

There are 2 types of Dota 2 in-game items that affect your gaming experience in one way or another. Here, we will explain the cosmetic items known as Dota 2 skins. These types of items only affect how your hero in Dota 2 appears. There are cosmetic items for every single hero in Dota 2. All of them come at different prices, have different appearances, and cover different parts of the heroes, including armor, weapons, capes, clothing, helmets, and much more.

There are a couple of different ways you can get your hands on a Dota 2 skin. You can do this by buying them or doing a trade for other items in your Steam inventory. They don't always have to be Dota 2 skins, as you can also exchange items like the CSGO M9 Bayonet knife, the Tiger Tooth knife, Sport Gloves, even RUST items, and anything else that is worth the same price as the ones that you're trying to acquire for Dota 2.

On the other hand, if you don't want to exchange any of your own items for others, you can also pay with your own money and simply buy any Dota 2 item that you want. You can browse the item catalog on the SkinsMonkey site and find what you're looking for. You can get even more value if you catch them on sale or with a special discount. Then, simply purchase the item and it will be in your Steam inventory in a matter of minutes.

How Does Dota 2 Trading Work?

First, let's explain the concept of item trading, and then we will show you how to set it all up so that you can easily exchange, buy, and sell any Dota 2 skin that you wish. The online virtual item trade concept is as simple as exchanging an item for another of equal value. In most cases, you can also exchange one high-value item for several other lower-value items that add up to the same value as the high-value ones.

All of this is done through a trade bot. You can still do one-on-one trades via Steam or another website but this simply takes too much time and is too risky, as the other person can easily scam you. As a result, registering an account via Steam with a trusted website like SkinsMonkey will allow you to use our trade bot and instantly and securely exchange as many items as you desire. In addition, you can also visit our shop and buy as many items as you wish with real money via several popular payment methods. By doing so, you can deposit money in your SkinsMonkey balance instantly. This is a fast, secure, and risk-free way to get new Dota 2 skins.

How to Trade Dota 2 Skins?

Now, you're going to have to set up Trade Offers on your Steam account before you can start making trades on the SkinsMonkey site. To do this, you will have to log in to your Steam account and take the following steps.

Enable Trade Offers

  • Step 1: Log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Go to INVENTORY.
  • Step 3: Click on "Trade Offers".
  • Step 4: From the menu on the side, click on "Who can send me Trade Offers?".
  • Step 5: At the top of the page, click on "Edit privacy settings".
  • Step 6: Tick "Public" for all privacy sections on this page.
  • Step 7: Click on "Save Changes".

Create a Steam Trade URL

Another thing that you must do in order to exchange items on SkinsMonkey is to find or create your Steam Trade URL. This is a unique URL that all players need in order to link their Steam inventory to our website trade bot. This will ensure that you can list items to sell and exchange, and it will also allow you to move the items you've acquired on our site right into your Steam account. So, how do you create a new URL that will allow you to exchange all game items, not just Dota 2 or CS GO? Follow these steps for more information:

  • Step 1: Open Steam and log into your account
  • Step 2: Hover over your username and click on INVENTORY from the drop-down menu
  • Step 3: Click on Trade Offers and go "Who can send me Trade Offers" once more
  • Step 4: From there, scroll all the way down, and you will see your URL. You can copy the URL already there or you can generate a new link.

Each player has a unique Steam URL and can use it to safely transport their items from the SkinsMonkey site to their inventory on Steam.

How to Buy Dota 2 Items?

Aside from exchanging Dota 2 items, users can also buy new ones directly with their site balance. Once you've deposited enough cash, you can browse our catalog and choose any skin that you want to use on your hero inside the game. The process is quite simple. Here is everything that you have to do.

First, you must create an account with SkinsMonkey. The only way you can do this is by registering with your Steam information. This includes the email address and password that you use to log into Steam. It's a secure process that will grant you the ability to exchange, sell, and buy new Dota 2 artifacts.

After that, you have to deposit either cash or a few other items from CSGO or Dota 2 such as, perhaps, a Talon Knife skin, an AK-47 item, a Butterfly Knife, Dota 2 hero arcana, or anything in between. You can then use that money or items to buy new ones. Simply look at the price of the item that you're considering and check your account balance to see if you can afford it. If not, maybe you should wait for a special discount, promotion, or use a bonus code to get more value with your store purchases and trades.

How to Sell Dota 2 Items?

Another of the best features of SkinsMonkey is selling your Dota 2 and CSGO items. This process is quite similar to buying them. The only difference is that you list your own items on our webpage and wait for someone to purchase them. Once they have been sold, you will receive your rewards in your account balance with a small percentage being deducted for site service fees. All you have to do is simply log in to the site with your email address and password, click on "Sell Your Items" and follow the simple process. If you need any help, you can always contact our support and ask for more information on how to set everything up.

What Is a Trade Lock and How to Deal With It?

A trade lock is an important scenario that you need to be ready for should it ever occur. That's why it's important to learn about it and how it can limit your abilities to exchange game items. A trade lock occurs if Steam believes that your account is compromised, therefore prohibiting you from exchanging, selling, and buying new items for a certain period of time.

Usually, this time period only lasts 7 days. During that time, you will be only able to access a limited feature list on Steam and won't be able to use your full account. You can also contact support if you think that there's no reason for this to be happening. Nevertheless, a trade lock, or market hold, is a great strategy for keeping the accounts of users safe.

This way, your in-game AK-47 items, your Butterfly Knife skins, arcanas, and sets for Dota 2 heroes, and everything else in your stash will be safe and won't leave your side.

Best Dota 2 Skin Trade Website

Let's say that you're looking to exchange your Tiger Tooth knife skin for an M9 Bayonet, a Talon Knife, a skin for Dota 2 heroes, or anything similar. You'd probably be looking for a secure, trusted, and safe place to do this, right? Well, look no further, as SkinsMonkey is the best place to exchange your items for Dota 2 and any other items that you have in your Steam inventory. With SkinsMonkey, you have access to all the most popular payment gateways, a fast and reliable service, the ability to shop countless items, great price on everything, and 24/7 email support to help you with any issues that may occur.

Why should you use SkinsMonkey to trade Dota 2 items?

Every player that chooses SkinsMonkey to exchange their Dota 2 skins or buy new ones will receive at least one type of bonus. New players will get a $5 bonus deposited in their accounts. Other players can also receive up to a 30% deposit bonus they can use to get more skins. In addition, these bonuses can be used for getting CSGO items as well, such as driver gloves skins, an m9 Bayonet skin, an FN Bowie Knife, and anything in between.

SkinsMonkey is a trusted site where many users enjoy spending time and getting new items. With just a click or two, you can set up your account, join our fun community, and get countless tips on how to get more rewards. Skinsmonkey welcomes players from all over the world. The site supports five languages including Chinese, English, French, German, and Dutch. You can also choose from three different currencies including US Dollar, Euros, and British Pound.

Becoming a part of the SkinsMonkey community comes with plenty of rewards. It's one of the most trusted sites online with a trading bot supported by popular YouTubers and fans across the entire world. With hundreds of thousands of available skins, millions of trades completed, and thousands of registered users, Skinsmonkey truly is the best place to trade Dota 2 skins.

Is It Worth to Trade Dota 2 Skins?

In today's world, there are plenty of ways to make extra money online, have fun, and enjoy a stress-free experience. When it comes to increasing your bank account balance and getting newer and cooler game items, then exchanging items for Dota 2 is a great way to achieve all of this. SkinsMonkey will help you through this entire journey.

Simply register with your Steam email address and password, and you will gain instant access to our services. Best of all, we support all major payment methods and accept players from all over the world, feature a new user discount, and have plenty of other great offers for everyone. Browse our pages with all sorts of cool items for Dota 2 and CSGO. Everything is just a click away and waiting to find its way to your Dota 2 item stash.

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Our Dota 2 Trade Bot Has All the Skins You Need!
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